Picking The Perfect Mortgage
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Picking The Perfect Mortgage

Getting a mortgage is likely one of the largest debts you will take on in your lifetime. Picking the right mortgage term, type and length is a crucial step in the financing process. Whether it’s your first or fourth home, you can maximize your homeowner happiness by choosing a mortgage term that is affordable and … Continue reading

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Buy & Renovate Right Away

How you can buy a home and include improvements in the mortgage! What you need to know about a purchase-plus-improvement mortgage: You find the perfect neighbourhood you want to live in and everything you need is close by, but you just can’t find the perfect home.  One has an awful looking bathroom, another has an … Continue reading

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Which Rate Is Right For You?

Picking an interest rate and mortgage term that is right for you can be a daunting task for some. First you have to decide if you want to take a fixed or variable interest rate, then you need to determine what term length suits you best. In addition to that, you then choose between a … Continue reading

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Does your mortgage need a check-up?

Rates are on the rise, more mortgage rule changes may be coming and home sales have slowed down. There are multiple reasons which may warrant an audit of your existing mortgage details. Take the quiz below to determine if you need to consult a mortgage professional about a mortgage check-up. 1.     Is your … Continue reading

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Are You Eligible to Refinance?

Last week I wrote about potential avenues you could take to make changes to your existing mortgage. This week, I want to go into more detail about one of the options which is to refinance your existing mortgage. It is deemed to be a “mortgage refinance” any time you renegotiate the terms of your existing … Continue reading

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How Do You Compare?

Here is some interesting survey information* about our current mortgage market in Canada, how do you compare to your country counterparts? Mortgage Types & Amortization Periods Mortgage Types for Recent Purchasers: 66% chose Fixed Rate Mortgages 28% chose Variable Rate Mortgages 6% chose Combination Mortgages or other Niche Products Amortization Periods for Recent Purchasers: 60% … Continue reading