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Qualifying for a mortgage while you’re self-employed

There is no denying that the mortgage borrowing landscape is changing. One of the product lines that saw repeated revisions was the self-employed mortgage niche.  In the mortgage world, you are self-employed if you own a portion or all of the business you derive your income from. Self-employed status can also include contract employees who … Continue reading

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Mortgage Lender Types

The Lender Alphabet The ABC’s of Mortgage Lenders         I often talk about alternative lenders in my articles so this week I want to discuss the different types of mortgage lenders a borrower may encounter when looking for mortgage financing. I look at the lenders as fitting into the A, B or C category. … Continue reading

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Is Your Income Eligible?

Income is one of the most important components of a mortgage application as it determines how the borrower is going to repay their loan. One of the most common questions we get asked is what kind of income is eligible to be used in the qualifying calculations. Your mortgage lender will want to first confirm … Continue reading