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8 Mortgage Myths Debunked

Mortgages are not a subject we learn about in high school, although I wish they were. Credit, interest rates and qualifying for a mortgage are all things that will affect your lifestyle going forward. So where is one supposed to learn about this stuff? Some hear about them through friends or family, or maybe through … Continue reading

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This or That

Deciding is hard, here’s help! We often receive inquiries from potential borrowers just looking for some preliminary pointers about all of the mortgage options available to them. We usually start out with a discussion about their specific mortgage requirements and home ownership goals as nothing replaces a custom solution. However, if they are not really … Continue reading

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Should I Rent or Buy?

Take the quiz to help you decide! There are 11 questions, all you have to do is write down the letter that best describes you and then count how many of each letter you have. The letter that you have the most of will correspond with an answer at the end of the quiz. I … Continue reading

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What to expect when buying a rental property

How does the mortgage process differ when buying a revenue property vs an owner occupied purchase? As the main borrower will not be residing in the property, getting a mortgage on an investment property is deemed higher risk in a lenders eye. They will be scrutinizing the mortgage application more closely in order to ensure … Continue reading

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Rebuilding your credit after a bankruptcy or consumer proposal

Let me start by saying, bad things happen to good people. The reasons for a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal are not important at this time. It already happened and now it is time to move on and rebuild. We want to help. A bankruptcy will show up on your credit bureau for 6 years after … Continue reading

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How to get best mortgage rates

We of course want to get best rates for every one of our client’s which is not always possible as your mortgage interest rate is based on the risk level of your overall financial profile. The stronger your financial profile, the more likely you are to get the best interest rates available. Your financial profile … Continue reading