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Mortgage Renewal Test

TAKE THE TEST Should you restructure your mortgage at renewal? Your mortgage renewal date is your opportunity to re-work the terms of your mortgage with no penalties.  At renewal time, your previous mortgage term has now ended and you have to make some decisions about what kind of mortgage term you would like going forward. … Continue reading

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Broker or Bank?

How do you decide who is best to approach for your mortgage financing needs? I say either one would work, however, I do want to share a few key differences between the two. Firstly, let me start by distinguishing between the two titles; a Mortgage Broker acts as a connector between a potential borrower and … Continue reading

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Mortgage Insurance Types

Check out our YouTube Video – “Difference between Insurances a Mortgage Broker and an Insurance Advisor Offer” When applying for mortgage financing of any sort you will be offered mortgage insurance. What kind of insurance you ask? Let’s review the different types of mortgage insurance you may encounter when you are financing a new home … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy & Mortgages- Do they go together?

Bankruptcy is the legal process that allows individuals to obtain debt relief while still being fair to their creditors or lenders. If you are considering this, you should contact a federally licensed bankruptcy trustee to discuss all of the details involved in declaring bankruptcy and how it will affect your overall financial profile. The other … Continue reading